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A new website


Well, it’s up! My first webpage!

Creating this has been great fun, though sometimes a little mind stretching. I have never worked with all this CSS and HTML before, and was very apprehensive. But after much research, I found a programme called Rapidweaver , a Mac based app that is almost a drag and drop interface for website creation. It handles most of the messy coding and means you can concentrate on the actual look and feel of the design. It’s not perfect, by any means, but I’ve managed to work around most of the issues I had with help from the users forum and a few third party plugins.

However, what struck me most during this process is that there still isn’t a true WYSIWYG website design programme. As a newb, I first looked at the sites that offer hosting and template design, and with my design head on, was deeply unsatisfied with the limitations of their setups, as well as what seems an expensive service for what you actually get, and online comments suggest a certain lack of support for technical issues.

Now I have Adobe CS6, so next looked at the included package, Dreamweaver. I’m sure, in the right hands, it’s a very good app, but for a complete newcomer, the learning curve was impossibly steep, and with very little visual feedback on the results. Now, as I found out during my research, one of the most important things for a modern website is that it is responsive, i.e. it works with all web enabled devices with their different screens and resolutions. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just impossible to set up an interface for web design where you can simply drag and drop stuff on a true preview screen just like in a word processor or page layout package that will then scale appropriately, but it certainly seems like something some clever coders could do. In my dreams!

As for hosting, there were many and different providers available, but in the end I chose Vidahost. They seemed to score well in online reviews both from users and websites and after the pain free registration, I was pleased to get a very pleasant phone call from one of their support staff, welcoming me and offering any support needed to get online. Excellent service so far, and I’ll keep you updated as to how I get on with them.

So, have a good look around my site, as you can see, some parts are still under construction, but more stuff will be added as I get going. Feel free to contact me with any comments or problems, and If you like what I’ve done, I might even be up for commissions for website design, another string to the bow!