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We all know what visual effects look like, right? Giant robots smashing up buildings, or invading aliens obliterating the White House? Well if you want to destroy Slough, then pinkmouse can oblige! But visual effects, (or VFX, as it’s known in the trade), is much more encompassing than that.

Imagine you want to present a corporate rebranding to the board. How much more effective would it be if you could take the hard work of your creative team, and actually place that in real world situations? Imagine a panning video shot of your headquarters with all the new logos in place, or a photo of the new livery on one of your vans driving down the high street.

pinkmouse can also help film and TV production companies who just need post production effects, such as practical effects enhancement, match moving and compositing, the usual bullet effects and demolitions, down to set extensions and wire removal.