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3d modelling is the process of creating a real or imaginary object in a computer, and is the first step in most visual effects work. This object can then be posed in a static scene, or animated in ways that are impossible to replicate in real life, changing colour, shape and texture depending on the end results required.

It is usually the most time consuming part of a project, depending on the model’s complexity. Simple models, like the light emitting diodes shown above, may only take a few hours or so to make and texture, but for more complex ones, such as the railway wagon, many tens of hours may be required. There is always a trade off between detail and budget, for instance a prototype chair, if used in close up work, may need to be highly detailed, but the same chair in a real world setting of a home scene would likely be in the middle distance, and so require a much less detailed model. pinkmouse is always ready to advise on such matters, we all have limited budgets, and we can help you make the best of yours.

3d modelling can also be a time, (and budget), saver. For instance if you wanted a product placement shot of your new beer brand inserted in existing video footage of a bar, it is often more cost effective to make a virtual bottle and use that, as it can be lit and placed in the scene much more easily than a real bottle. You would be surprised as to how much stuff in TV adverts only actually exists in the memory of a computer!